Today is Project EDWARD!


Road Safety Support is proud to be backing TISPOL’s Project EDWARD campaign, which is aiming to achieve zero deaths on Europe’s roads today (September 19, 2018).

In recent months, police forces, safer roads partnerships, organisations and individuals have been pledging to support Project EDWARD (European Day Without a Road Death).

In the run-up to the event, they have been spreading the word on social media using #ProjectEDWARD and posting a series of unified images and road safety messages on the same day, at the same time on Twitter.

The project is supported by all 30 TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network) member countries, as well as a growing number of road safety organisations, like Road Safety Support (RSS), that have pledged to promote EDWARD.

Last month, Road Safety Support’s Managing Director, Trevor Hall, recorded a video pledging his support for Project EDWARD on behalf of RSS.

During the final countdown to the big day, the Project EDWARD team have been on a road trip across Europe, calling at various locations in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, finally reaching Spain yesterday.

This morning at 11am (BST), there will be a live 60-minute broadcast from the headquarters of the Spanish Guardia Civil in Madrid to mark the event.

The broadcast will feature lively discussion, interviews, highlights from the road trip and a selection of tweets, questions and video clips.

Members can watch the broadcast on Twitter by following @ProjectEDWARD or those without an account can see all of the activity unfolding at


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