Enforcement Technology Testing

Road Safety Support’s facility for testing the accuracy of speed cameras and other speed measurement devices has been awarded ISO 17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

The facility has been approved by UKAS to test the accuracy of speed cameras, vehicle speedometers and other devices, either at our dedicated testing track or on any road across the world. 

It is one of just a small number of accredited laboratories of its kind worldwide.


ISO 17025 is the most important standard for testing and calibration laboratories around the world.

On behalf of the UK Home Office, Road Safety Support is responsible for testing the reliability and accuracy of new road traffic enforcement technologies in the Type Approval process. This respected position puts us at the heart of enforcement technology development in the UK. 

As well as proving that the calibration is traceable to international metrology standards, the accreditation tests the independence and integrity of the calibration service.

The full UKAS Schedule of Accreditation is available here: Road Safety Support UKAS Schedule of Accreditation

Road Safety Support can provide:

  • First-class facilities at a dedicated test track
  • Testing of the following traffic technologies:
    • Radar speedmeters fixed and hand-held Laser speedmeters, with and without camera attachments
    • Red-light enforcement systems
    • Railway crossing enforcement cameras
    • Close-following/tailgating systems
    • Average speedmeters - point-to-point and distributed
  • Testing at speeds of up to 186mph (300kph)
  • Design, conduct and analysis of tests
  • Confidence testing of installed enforcement technology

Road Safety Support can provide these services to manufacturers and operators of speed and traffic light enforcement equipment during development, approval testing and the operation of these devices.

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