Speed Camera Enforcement Strategies

The aim of any road safety strategy is to reduce road casualties. This is achieved by altering driver behaviour, reducing crash risk and reducing injury severity. 

Great strides have been made over the years in reducing the number of those being killed and seriously injured, but road death still remains a global issue.

The greatest effect on driver behaviour is that caused by increasing general deterrence through roads policing and automated speed enforcement devices.

Excess speed is well-known to be one of the most frequently violated road traffic offences. Therefore, the cornerstone of any road safety strategy is enforcement and, ultimately, that comes down to having a robust enforcement strategy which is intelligence-led.

The evidence, gained over many years, demonstrates that speed cameras are extremely effective at reducing road casualties and increasing compliance with the road traffic laws. Enforcement can be utilised for more than enhancing casualty reduction efforts; it can also link into crime reduction and community safety strategies – denying criminals the use of the roads as well as detecting those who are intent on trying to harm our communities through terrorism.

Road Safety Support's experts have invaluable knowledge and experience in developing, implementing and evaluating robust enforcement strategies within a policing and road safety partnership context. These experts have aided a number of enforcement authorities and national governments in the development of their own strategy.

Three of our experts have produced an enforcement strategy document entitled ‘Raising the Game.’ This report offers strong evidence to support a different speed enforcement strategy across the UK, which can also be adopted by other countries, to deliver casualty reductions. Watch a presentation about this report above.

Download the report here: Road Safety Support - Enforcement Strategy - Raising the Game.

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