Road Safety Support proud to
sponsor Project EDWARD


Road Safety Support is proud to be sponsoring TISPOL’s Project EDWARD campaign, which aims to achieve zero deaths on Europe’s roads today (September 21, 2017).

In recent months individuals and organisations have been making pledges to support Project EDWARD (European Day Without a Road Death).

The project is supported by all 30 TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network) member countries, as well as a growing number of well-known brands and road safety organisations, like Road Safety Support, that have pledged to promote EDWARD.

Police forces and other supporters are today publicising the campaign far and wide via media stories, social media using the hashtag #ProjectEDWARD, enforcement operations and events.

Trevor Hall, Managing Director of Road Safety Support, said: "Road Safety Support is once again proud to support Project Edward. We are really pleased to see so many police forces and road safety stakeholders across Europe embrace this campaign.

“Geographical boundaries do not matter with campaigns like this. What unites us is a common goal to reduce death and injury on our roads. Families should not be torn apart by something that can be prevented.

“It is up to each road user to take responsibility and drive or ride by their road laws. We know that enforcement is an effective tool to help us to reduce collisions and we are looking forward to seeing today’s results.

“We hope that together we will have a really positive day.”

Drivers are, sometimes unknowingly, putting other road users at risk in many ways including speeding, drink-driving, not wearing seatbelts, using their mobile phones, using vehicles that are not roadworthy, parking on cycle lanes, blocking pedestrian crossings, not using their lights or engaging in risky manoeuvres.

EDWARD encourages all road users to reflect on their behaviour and attitudes on the roads. It urges them to think, even for a few minutes, about the risks they face, the risks they pose to others and how they can go about reducing those risks.

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