Meet the team

  • Trevor Hall

    Managing Director

    A former police officer with over 30 years' experience, 26 of which were dedicated to roads policing, Trevor has played a pivotal role in the development and deployment of safety cameras in the UK since 1989.

  • Meredydd Hughes

    Director and Executive Chairman

    Meredydd retired in 2011 as Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, after a police career spanning 32 years. Over the years he served in four of the largest UK forces and Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary.

Road Safety Support (RSS)  has rapidly established itself as one of the leading bodies in road safety in the UK and on the international stage.  The years of experience of its team members cover a wide field, from legal to signage, equipment testing to video forensics and expert witness reports.

Our legal team is led by an acknowledged leading expert in motoring law who assists prosecutors and police in ensuring prosecutions are successful. Assisting this role are expert witnesses and report writers who are qualified in the use of all Home Office Type Approved speed and red-light technology and have many years’ experience in using the equipment at the roadside.  

RSS also provides forensic analysis of video footage of offences captured by speed and red light cameras and expert witness assistance on the often complicated issue of signage.

Our team are skilled in analysing road collision and casualty data to help you to develop targeted enforcement and communications strategies. As a member of Road Safety Support you will receive access to national and localised collision data, High-level data presented in a simple and meaningful way using charts and graphs and workbooks which allow users to see where the collisions occurred, the type of road users involved and the areas where the victims lived.

Further bespoke analysis of local data, which can be used by members for reports and presentations is available for an additional fee.

Rounding up the skills list are a team that processes enforcement equipment through the Home Office type approval schedule and marketing communications specialists who can assist you in turning that data into viable marketing strategies.