Road Collision & Casualty Data Analysis

It is essential to understand the current problems on our roads in order to reduce deaths and injuries in the future.

Our skilled team of road casualty analysts can turn complex, high-level data into simple meaningful charts and tables, clearly identifying the issues that need to be addressed.

Our team can help you to fully understand which road users are most at risk and when, and assist you in developing a strategy to tackle these problems.

As a member of Road Safety Support you will receive:

  • Access to national and localised collision data, which is clearly broken down into vulnerable road user groups
  • High-level data presented in straightforward charts and graphs
  • Workbooks which allow users to see where the collisions occurred, the type of road users involved and the areas where the victims lived
  • Interactive maps focusing on groups including motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists, which members can control to show the factors that they are interested in, such as casualty class, severity, gender, age band and speed limit
  • Further detailed analysis of local data, which can be used by members for reports and presentations (additional fee will apply)

For more information about our road casualty data analysis services or to become a member of Road Safety Support please complete our contact form