Warm welcome for Hong Kong
Transport Department


Hong Kong Transport Department visited the Road Safety Support team last week to learn more about our work to reduce deaths and injuries on the roads.

Gary Ch Wong, Felix YIM Kai-lung and Eddy WU Kin-kwok, who are engineers from the road safety and public transport sections, listened to a series of presentations from our team of technology, data and legal specialists.

The visitors were welcomed by Trevor Hall, Road Safety Support’s Managing Director, who talked about the company’s efforts to improve road safety worldwide.

The majority of UK police forces, highway authorities and safer roads partnerships, as well as a number of overseas forces, are members of Road Safety Support. The Hong Kong Police Force has been a member for a number of years.

Jan Sjorup, Data Analyst, focused on road casualties in Hong Kong and spoke about the detailed work that he had carried out on casualty trends in the region over the last decade.

Andrew Perry, who is one of the UK’s most experienced and knowledgeable road traffic solicitors, discussed relevant legislation and key legal cases.

Steve Callaghan, Technical Support Manager, provided an overview of the different types of speed and red-light enforcement technology in use in the UK, in particular average speed cameras.

The team were also joined by Paul Jenkins, Deputy National Enforcement Co-ordinator for Highways England.

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