Hong Kong Police get tough
on inattentive drivers


Hong Kong Police carried out a month-long crackdown on inattentive driving, resulting in 183 summonses, 7,094 fixed penalty tickets and 60 arrests.

Operation Clearview took place in April in a bid to clamp down on careless driving, speeding, disobeying traffic signals, drink and drug driving and using hand-held telecommunication equipment while driving.

As a result, the number of traffic accidents reduced to 6,420 in April - 205 cases lower than the monthly average of 6,625 during the first three months of 2018.

The force worked with the media to promote their activities and to increase awareness of road safety throughout Operation Clearview.

The operation kicked off with a news conference where drivers were warned that stringent enforcement action would be taken against inattentive drivers.

Among the summonses and fixed penalty tickets issued, 4,657 were for speeding, 2,151 were for using hand-held telecommunication equipment while driving, 340 were for disobeying traffic signals and 129 were for careless driving.

Breath tests were also conducted on 16,728 drivers in the operation. Among them, 51 drivers were arrested for drink driving.

Senior Superintendent Steve Baker said: “The media attention surrounding the operation helped to keep road users' behaviour in the public eye.

“Routine enforcement will continue in an effort to safeguard all road users.”

The Hong Kong Police Force is a member of Road Safety Support.

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