Top international police intelligence
award for Lancashire analyst


A road safety analyst has received a top international police intelligence award for his efforts to improve road safety in Lancashire.

Andrew Wright, a strategic analyst at the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, received an International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) Award in California earlier this year.

Andrew received the accolade in recognition of his work to reduce collisions, casualties and use of the road networks by criminals.

He conducted a significant analysis of road usage, collision hotspots and collision causation, which was used in the decision-making process to deploy speed cameras.

A geographic analysis was also conducted to support the camera infrastructure and ensure the consultation process for camera installations included individual residential and business properties.

Andrew also mapped the location of rare plant species and liaised with environmental organisations to protect them.

Andrew said: “It was such an honour to receive this award and to be surrounded by hundreds of analysts from around the world. It is incredibly humbling.

“We have such a good partnership in place here and the people I met were so impressed and quite surprised by how we work in this country.”

Lancashire Police Central Process Unit Manager Lara Barr, who was one of Andrew’s nominators, said: “Andrew’s work has been impeccable and there have been so many times when he has gone above and beyond his role to assist partners and colleagues in getting results.

“One of Andrew’s key skills is making things accessible and understandable to non-analysts. He has been able to take a number of complex data sets and make them readable by County Councillors, police officers, firefighters and other colleagues. He has been able to display age groupings, modes of transport, risk of involvement and 5-year trends all on one side of A4!

“Andrew’s ability to present data in a user-friendly way has enabled better decision making across the board.”

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