Gearing up to support
#ProjectEDWARD 2019


Police forces and safer roads partnerships across the UK are gearing up to support this year’s #ProjectEDWARD campaign, which takes place on September 26, 2019.

#ProjectEDWARD (European Day Without a Road Death) is aiming to achieve zero deaths on Europe’s roads on #ProjectEDWARD day.

Devised by TISPOL, the campaign helps to raise the profile of road safety through energetic and widespread activity – both in the ‘real world’ and online.

From September 1, daily road safety messages will be posted on social media to help the campaign gain momentum.

Partnerships and forces are being urged to create their own social media messages each day in support of #ProjectEDWARD.

The daily social media messaging schedule and images can be downloaded from the Project EDWARD website

In the run up to #ProjectEDWARD 2019, supporters are being urged to:

  • Sign the pledge
  • Record a video message supporting #ProjectEDWARD and share it on social media
  • Retweet #ProjectEDWARD messages to broaden the conversation
  • Download materials and promotional artwork from the resource centre
  • Tell everyone - friends, and especially celebrities, sports people, musicians, politicians and other influencers

In 2018, 24 European countries took part in #ProjectEDWARD with events and promotional activity. There were no road deaths in 18 of these 24 countries on the day of the campaign.

A Twitter reach of nearly 38 million was recorded in the three months leading up to #ProjectEDWARD 2018. On #ProjectEDWARD day alone, the reach was 25 million.

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