Commendations for team who brought
deceitful speeding driver to justice


Three West Mercia Police colleagues and Road Safety Support's technical expert have received commendations for their role in bringing a deceitful speeding driver to justice.

PC Paul Waterhouse, Paul Scrase and David Perridge, of the Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire and West Mercia, and Steve Callaghan, of Road Safety Support, received commendation certificates from Det Chf Supt Damian Barratt, Head of Crime and Operations, at a ceremony at West Mercia Police HQ.

The team worked tirelessly on a case involving a man from Malvern, Worcestershire, who made a determined and complex attempt to avoid two speeding tickets.

The company director perverted the course of justice on two occasions by falsifying the records of a GPS vehicle tracking device.

On two occasions, the vehicle he was driving was detected by a Home Office Type Approved mobile speed camera in excess of the 30mph speed limit.

He wrote letters to West Mercia Police explaining that his vehicle was carrying GPS satellite vehicle tracking equipment that recorded time, speed and position of the vehicle as it passed the speed enforcement locations.

He said the records were made at the same time as the police speed measurements and they provided proof that he was driving at speeds lower than 30mph. The records of the journeys from the tracking equipment were provided to West Mercia Police.

The driver, who claimed to be an expert in laser technology, also produced a 13-page report which claimed that the two recordings he had made showed that the police equipment was unreliable. 

As members of Road Safety Support, West Mercia Police sent the driver’s letters and the police video records of the speed measurements to Steve Callaghan, an expert in electronics, computing and communications systems, for examination.

Steve found that the satellite vehicle tracking records did not match the speed recorded by the speed camera on both occasions, and did not match the movement of the vehicle shown in the video records.

Steve concluded that the records from the satellite tracking equipment had been manufactured in an attempt to prove that the vehicle was travelling at lower speeds than measured by the speed camera.

An investigation was launched and the equipment used by the driver was seized. Investigating officer PC Waterhouse and Steve Callaghan visited the defendant’s home to seize the evidence, which included a computer and a gravitational survey system.

The driver was interviewed on two occasions by PC Waterhouse, who compiled a detailed evidence file for CPS decision makers.

The driver was subsequently convicted on two counts of perverting the course of justice, after already admitting to both of the speeding offences.

He was fined and given a suspended prison sentence.

When the complex and somewhat novel nature of the crime was reported to supervisors at West Mercia Police, Chf Supt Barratt was moved to commend the staff involved, and Steve Callaghan was included in the commendation.


Pictured from left are David Perridge, PC Paul Waterhouse, Paul Scrase and Steve Callaghan.

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