Driver who installed speed camera
laser jammer receives suspended
jail sentence


A motorist who fitted a 'laser jammer' device to his Range Rover has received a suspended jail sentence.

Jonathan Fitton, 57, from Woodley, Stockport, admitted perverting the court of justice at York Crown Court on Friday 7 June 2019.

Fitton’s red Range Rover was driving on the A1(M) at Ingmanthorpe near Wetherby on 1 October 2018, when it was suspected of travelling in excess of the 70mph speed limit.

A member of police staff operating a speed measuring device inside one of North Yorkshire Police’s safety camera vans attempted to measure the vehicle’s speed, but was unable to do so, due to interference.

An investigation was launched by Traffic Constable Andrew Forth, of the Traffic Bureau Investigation Team at North Yorkshire Police, and the vehicle was located and seized.

A ‘Blinder’ laser jamming device was found installed inside. Also fitted to the vehicle were two other pieces of equipment designed to give advanced warning of police activity. That equipment together would have cost some £2,500.

Fitton was interviewed, and admitted to having the laser jammer and other devices fitted to his vehicle as he was worried about getting points on his licence.

As members of Road Safety Support, Technical Support Manager, Steve Callaghan, assisted the force with the case by providing an expert technical report. 

North Yorkshire Police safety camera operators have also been trained by Road Safety Support in how to detect the use of laser jammers.

Following his guilty plea, Fitton was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. He must also pay £220 costs and a £115 victim surcharge. The court ordered that the three devices were confiscated.

After the case, TC Forth said: “This is the eighth conviction for this type of offence in North Yorkshire in the last four years. The message is very clear – if you have a ‘laser jammer’ or similar device, you should remove it immediately. If you need any assistance about the legality of such devices, email me at and I can assist you further.

“The purpose of our safety camera van fleet is to reduce road casualties. Using devices to interfere with speed enforcement – which is one of four main causation factors in collisions in which someone is killed or seriously injured – only increases the risk to everyone who uses our roads.”

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