Welsh drivers warned speed
cameras could be anywhere


The Welsh road safety partnership has announced a new mobile speed camera deployment policy and has warned motorists across the country that its cameras will now be ‘visible anywhere at any time.’

Go Safe has urged all drivers to assume that a speed camera could be in place when they see a speed limit sign or when they are in an area with street lighting.

The partnership is running a proactive media campaign, warning the public that enforcement in Wales is no longer predictable and to be on their guard for cameras on every route they travel on.

The cameras not only capture speeding offences, but also mobile phone use and seatbelt offences.

Teresa Ciano, Go Safe Partnership Manager, said: “The sites will be selected according to collision risk and in order to maximise the compliance with the speed limit across the whole of Wales, not just where the minority think they could be detected.

“This deployment strategy could mean that one enforcement site on a route will be enforcing speed, whilst another site focuses on mobile phone use. Or both could focus on speed. Our presence in one site on a route will not mean that we won’t have a presence at another site a few miles down the route.”

It is hoped that this more flexible and random approach to enforcement will increase the threat of detection for motorists and encourage them to drive more safely.

Teresa added: “There is never a need or an excuse for speeding and this new strategy is aimed at improving the compliance of the speed limits by motorists across the roads of Wales for the safety of all.”

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