WATCH: The Future of Speedometers
in Road Traffic Enforcement


Road Safety Support hosted an online event last week, exploring the history of the speedometer in speed enforcement and the advances that have been made in the calibration of analogue and digital speedometers.

We heard from Steve Callaghan, forensic engineer and Road Safety Support ISO 17025 International Speed Test Laboratory Manager, who looked back at the methods used to calibrate analogue speedometers over the years and the new digital method launched by Road Safety Support in 2020.

The system was developed in response to the increase in the number of new vehicles now fitted with digital speedos as standard. It is futile to remove, check and then replace digital speedometers in a vehicle that itself is not checked as part of the calibration.

Road Safety Support was awarded ISO 17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) in 2018 to test the accuracy of speed cameras, vehicle speedometers and other devices, either at its dedicated testing track or on any road across the world. The laboratory is believed to be the only one of its kind worldwide.

To date, the digital calibration service has been used by eight police forces to calibrate the digital speedometers in more than 30 cars and motorcycles, but the service will be equally beneficial to private companies that have a commitment to fleet safety and efficiency.

During the event, we also heard from Steven Cowell, of the Volkswagen Group, about the benefits of the digital calibration service for vehicle manufacturers and the importance of now having access to a traceable and verifiable system.

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