Two new safety camera vans to reduce
speeding in Hertfordshire


Two new road safety camera vans are to be deployed across Hertfordshire where communities raise concerns over speeding.

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd (pictured) has funded the vehicles in response to public requests for more action to be taken against motorists who break the law.

The vans will be sent to sites identified as areas of concern by local residents, businesses and partner organisations.

They will particularly operate in 30mph zones, and locations where speeding is an issue but which have not necessarily involved deaths or serious injuries.

Mr Lloyd said: “My role is to keep the public safe and reduce crime. Speeding and road safety is one of the topics of concern I hear about most from the people of Hertfordshire.

“The public want a flexible and robust approach taken to speeding on all roads across the county; from remote villages to city streets and from rural roads to motorways.

“These vans are a response to that demand for action. They will provide a supplementary reassuring high visibility presence and improve the quality of life for local communities.

“They will be deployed at sites where the public have raised concerns, and in areas which may not have had a camera van before. They will work alongside the usual speed management measures including the existing speed camera vans, officer enforcement and my Community DriveSafe scheme.”

Assistant Chief Constable Genna Telfer added: “These vans are an excellent resource to support our efforts to improve road safety and reduce the number of casualties on Hertfordshire’s roads. The fact that the public has a say in how they are deployed is a really positive step forward.”

The project is being run as a one-year pilot paid for by the PCC’s Road Safety Fund, which collects money from fines and court costs generated from motorists who have committed driving offences.

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