RSS assists Australian safety camera
commissioner with latest report


The Road Safety Camera Commissioner in Victoria, Australia has expressed his thanks to Road Safety Support in his latest annual report into the effectiveness of speed cameras in the state.

Stephen Leane APM, pictured, made the acknowledgement in his Annual Report 2019-20, which was released yesterday, and recognises the vital role of speed cameras in reducing road deaths and injuries.

Mr Leane said: “I am very grateful to our colleagues in the United Kingdom including the team at Transport Scotland and Mr Trevor Hall of Road Safety Support for their collaboration, support and willingness to share data and learnings that have contributed to this report.”

Trevor Hall, Managing Director of Road Safety Support, a not-for-profit company, was involved in setting up one of the UK’s first ever safety camera partnerships in Essex in 1999, and is one of the world’s leading experts in the development and operation of speed and red light camera technology.

He was approached by Mr Leane to assist with this latest report.

The report states that speeding continues to be a key contributor to road trauma and a factor in around 30 per cent of road deaths. Academics and road safety advocates across the world agree that reduced speed in collisions means more lives saved, it says.

In a message in the report, Mr Leane says: “We also know road safety cameras save lives by acting as a deterrent and, as a community, getting a driving infringement or even the possibility of getting one, modifies our behaviour. The vital work of mobile road safety camera operators needs to be recognised.

“More broadly, Victoria’s camera program deters speeding by reinforcing the message that if we drive and break the law, we could be fined.”

This message is echoed in Road Safety Support’s ‘Enforcement Strategy - Raising the Game’ guidance document, publicly released this month, which recommends changes that police forces should make to their enforcement strategies in order to reduce the static UK road death toll.

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