Road Safety Support experts to feature
in international speed camera webinar


Two members of Road Safety Support's expert team are to take part in an international webinar about automated speed enforcement next week.

Steve Callaghan, Technical Support Manager (pictured), and Emma Kelly, Development, PR and Advocacy Manager, will feature in the International Road Federation's 'Building Trust in Automated Speed Enforcement Programs' webinar on Wednesday September 16.

Measures to cut driving speed are widely recognised as one of the most effective pathways to achieving immediate and sustained road traffic injury reductions. The evidence gained over many years demonstrates that speed cameras are an extremely effective countermeasure designed to reduce inappropriate speeding.

Presenting alongside Philip Wijers of Sensys Gatso, chair of the IRF Committee on Enforcement, Steve and Emma will discuss how Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) programmes have become a cornerstone of many national road safety strategies, relying on a foundation of trust in the rationale, goals and tools underpinning these programmes.

Moreover, for an ASE system to be effective and widely accepted, including in a court of law, it is of paramount importance that all readings from these devices are accurate, and that this accuracy can be legally proven by those operating the devices.

Road Safety Support holds ISO 17025 for testing and calibrating speed cameras, vehicle speedometers, telematics and other speed measurement devices, either at its UK test track or on any road in the world. Its International Speed Test Laborator is one of just a small number of its kind worldwide.

This webinar, which will take place at 11am on September 16, will highlight the value of designing speed enforcement programs around the values of transparency and accountability to ensure they deliver robust readings and safety benefits for all road users.

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