Drivers and cyclists reminded to submit
dashcam footage to police online


Drivers in Warwickshire are being reminded that they can help to make the roads safer by submitting dashcam or headcam footage of potential moving traffic offences via online.

The plea comes from Warwickshire Police and partners during Global Road Safety Week, which runs from May 17-23, 2021.

Offences commonly captured by dashcams include driving dangerously or carelessly to overtaking on solid white lines, using a mobile phone while driving, ignoring traffic lights or dangerous driving around other road users, such as horse riders and cyclists.

The dashcam or headcam footage can be uploaded via the Warwickshire Police website and will be reviewed along with the accompanying statement you will be asked to provide, by a trained Road Safety Officer. The review will determine whether an offence is committed and whether the evidence provided is sufficient for a case to be progressed. 

If there is insufficient evidence of an offence then no further action will follow. However, if the offence is sufficiently evidenced the case will be progressed with a number of possible outcomes including a warning letter, an educational course offer, a conditional offer of points and a fine or for the most serious cases, to be heard in court to determine an outcome. Warwickshire Police now update anyone who has submitted dashcam or headcam footage regarding the outcome.  

Road Safety Officer, PC 691 Ken Bratley, said “The public can play a vital role in helping make Warwickshire’s roads safer for all road users. Operation Snap is another tool police and partners can use to identify, educate and enforce against anyone whose driving falls below that of a competent and safe driver. 

“These drivers are a risk to the vast majority of law abiding road users and we carefully review each submission to Operation Snap to ensure appropriate action is taken.  I am pleased to say we now provide updates to each and every person who submits footage so that the public can be assured that their submission is dealt with proactively and robustly.”

There are other benefits to Op Snap because where approval is given by the submitter, we can also use the footage to help educate other road users and to help publicise case results. 

More information on Op Snap is available here

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