Dashcam video proved driver travelled
at 82mph in a 50mph zone


Road Safety Support provided expert forensic video analysis to establish the speed of a vehicle captured at 84mph in a 50mph zone by a dashcam in Wales.

In August 2020, a motorist was travelling along the A483 between Newtown and Welshpool when a vehicle overtook the motorist at speed, crossing over a solid white line and into oncoming traffic in the process. This road is known for experiencing a number of serious collisions.

The incident was witnessed by a member of the public who captured it on their dashcam and subsequently submitted to Dyfed-Powys Police via Operation SNAP, where the footage was investigated by PC John Whiles.

During the course of the investigation by PC Whiles, expert witness opinion was sought from Road Safety Support (RSS). Steve Callaghan, RSS’s Forensic Video Analyst, calculated the speed for the vehicle driven by the accused as doing 84mph in a 50mph limit whilst overtaking on solid white lines adjacent to hidden junctions and residential entrances.

Michael Simpson of Aberbechan, Newtown appeared before Welshpool Magistrates on the 18th May, 2021 charged with dangerous driving. Mr Simpson pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was disqualified from driving for 12 months and given a community order. He will be required to undertake an extended driving test before his licence will be returned to him. 

Steve Callaghan said: “Many people think that they can take risks on the roads if they can’t see a police officer or a safety camera vehicle. But as this case shows, drivers are often being filmed by dashcams without their knowledge.

"With the huge rise in dashcam use and with the increase in Operation SNAP submissions to the police, more and more driving offences can be effectively prosecuted.”

Sergeant Ian Price, Dyfed-Powys Police GoSafe Coordinator said: “The maximum sentence for dangerous driving is 2 years in prison.  An early guilty plea due to overwhelming evidence caught on Dash Cam allowed this driver to be dealt with by the Magistrates.

"This conviction for dangerous driving with a 12 month disqualification and a community order will have serious consequences for most drivers, particularly when they depend on their driving licence to travel to work or support family needs.

"Operation SNAP which is now adopted by most UK Police forces is recognised as an effective tool in making the roads safer and taking high risk drivers off the road."

He added: "I hope this conviction proves to be a lesson for the driver and others who are intent on taking unnecessary risks that dangerous driving will not be tolerated in society.”


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