Workshops for community speedwatch volunteers

We offer workshops for highway authority enforcement officers and Community Speedwatch volunteers who are responsible for operating mobile speed cameras.

Community Speed Watch allows residents to become police-trained volunteers monitoring vehicle speeds in their communities, with the aim of changing the behaviour of some road users who drive above the speed limit.

Road Safety Support is receiving more and more requests for training from Community Speedwatch groups

Our two-day workshops:

  • An introduction to speed enforcement technology and legislation (for those with enforcement powers)
  • Community Speedwatch supervisors' course

Our half-day workshops:

  • An introduction to laser speed cameras
  • An introduction into radar speed cameras
  • Site safety, dynamic risk assessment and camera operator safety (managing conflict)
  • An introduction to the English court system and giving evidence some basic skills
  • Speed limits and signage
  • Laser jammer awareness

We recognise that some attendees, particularly Community Speedwatch volunteers, may require a more flexible approach to training. Our half-day workshops can de delivered during evenings over approximately four hours.

To keep the individual costs down, multiple attendees are welcome to attend our workshops.

For more information about our workshops please complete our contact form