Road Traffic Enforcement Strategies

A road traffic enforcement strategy, which outlines where, when and how speed and red-light cameras will be operated, is a vital part of casualty reduction.

A reliable and meaningful enforcement strategy must be based on casualty data, which identifies the individual roads and the times of the day when collisions have occurred, so that fixed and mobile cameras can be deployed at the most appropriate locations and times.

As a member of Road Safety Support you will receive:

  • Access to localised collision and casualty data which has been analysed by our data specialists
  • Assistance in the development of an effective enforcement strategy designed specifically for your casualty reduction needs
  • Advice on the most suitable types of speed and red-light cameras, such as mobile or average speed, to achieve a maximum reduction in casualties
  • Support with implementing your strategy and assistance with monitoring and evaluation

For more information about how we can help with your enforcement strategy or to become a member of Road Safety Support please complete our contact form