Road Traffic Enforcement Legal Advice

Road Safety Support’s skilled team are experts in UK road traffic law with many years’ experience in operating speed and red-light cameras and helping to bring offending drivers to justice.

RSS has constant access to a wealth of legal advice including a former Crown Prosecution Service lawyer, who is one the UK’s leading road traffic prosecutors with over 25 years’ experience.

Road Safety Support members can benefit from:

  • Swift access to legal advice and information relating to the operation of speed and red-light cameras and related road signage
  • The support of a Solicitor Advocate, who is able to assist the police and the CPS with the prosecution of road traffic cases in Magistrates’ and higher courts
  • Regular procedural updates and access to a secure members’ website containing a range of general legal guidance and documents
  • Overall reviews of administration and file processes - Including advice on file content and the presentation of evidence best practice

For more information about our road traffic enforcement assistance and to become a member of Road Safety Support please call us on 01277 634900 or complete our contact form