Six Months Prison Sentence For
PCJ Driver


On Thursday 12th November 2015 at 18:23 hrs a Skoda Fabia was caught speeding on the A1 Northbound Great Ponton Lincolnshire. The vehicle was travelling at 91MPH in a 70 Mph Limit.

A Notice of Intended Prosecution was sent to the registered keeper, who e-mailed the Central Ticket Office stating it was not his car and could we send the camera photographs. On the 25/11/2015 the Pictures were emailed to the suspect; at 17:13 hrs the suspect e-mailed the Central Ticket Office stating he had taken a picture of his vehicle and that the wheels and number plate look different. On the 26/11/2015 the suspect sent a daytime Photo of his vehicle to the Central Ticket Office.

At 16:04 hrs an e-mail was sent to the suspect from the Central ticket office stating this had been passed to the Enquiry team to look into. ANPR intel was gained by police that showed there was only one Skoda with the registration number in question on the road at the time of the speeding offence.

The ANPR activation was plotted on a Map which showed the vehicle was around the suspect’s Home area.

The suspect Geffrey Meller was interviewed and at first maintained his story/account, when he was told that the passive camera systems showed his vehicle in his home address area only and that there was not a cloned vehicle, he admitted to changing the look of his vehicle and number plates in order to prevent him from being disqualified through the totting up process.

Meller went to Lincoln Crown court on the 30/08/16 where he pleaded guilty to the offence and was given a 6-month custodial sentence and was disqualified for 8 months and 28 days. 

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