RSS carries out swift calibration of
eight digital speedometers in Northants


The speedometers of eight Northamptonshire Police vehicles were calibrated this week by Road Safety Support, using the company’s newly developed digital calibration method.

The process was completed on a marked Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR) car, seven unmarked vehicles and a marked motorcycle in less than three hours.

Members of Road Safety Support's ISO 17025 International Speed Test Laboratory travelled to Northampton to carry out the work.

Speedometers in all cars are built by the manufacturer with a positive error, ensuring they always comply with UK and European regulations throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

Traditionally, analogue speedometers were removed from a police vehicle and adjusted to read an accurate or close-to-true speed, as part of the calibration process. But many modern vehicles now have digital speedometers that cannot be adjusted without compromising the vehicle, posing a great problem for police forces.

Calibrated speedometers are essential in police cars responsible for carrying out follow checks on vehicles thought to be exceeding the speed limit.

The method involves measuring the performance of the speedometer gauge, establishing its inaccuracy and providing correction figures to the readings of that gauge, without the need for removing the speedometer.

This process is quicker and simpler than the traditional process of calibrating analogue speedometers, saving time and money while maintaining the integrity and warranty of the vehicle.

Road Safety Support can also support every calibrated device with expert witness services and back-up calibration data is retained for every vehicle tested.

Matt O’Connell, Northamptonshire Safer Roads Operations Manager, said: “This new method of speedometer calibration has allowed us to calibrate vehicles which before would not have been possible. The process is very fast, reducing the downtime of our operational vehicles significantly.”

Road Safety Support also calibrated a digital speedometer for South Wales Police.

You can find more information about our speedometer calibration service here.

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