Road Safety Support features
in Channel 5 documentary


Road Safety Support appeared in a Channel 5 documentary this week about the history of UK motorways.

Our experts were interviewed as part of the hour-long programme called 'Motorway Britain: 60 Years of Speed, ' which aired on Monday at 9am.

Legal Support Manager Steve Langdon, a former roads policing officer and a speed camera expert, explained how Road Safety Support tests new speed and red light cameras for the Home Office in the Type Approval process.

Viewers saw how our expert team test the devices at a dedicated test track, proving beyond doubt that the technology is working within specified limits and that the evidence from it can be relied upon in court. 

Road Safety Support holds ISO 17025 for testing and calibrating speed cameras, vehicle speedometers and other speed measurement devices, either at our dedicated UK test track or on any road across the world. 

You can watch the documentary here. We feature at around 18 minutes in.


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