Response To Mail On
Sunday Allegations


Relating to the current press interest, a full response was sent to Martin Beckford at the Mail on Sunday, only a small section of our response was published. 

Our full response is:

“Everyone at Road Safety Support is fully committed to saving lives on the road and supporting the judicial processes. Nobody receives bonus payments or incentives to secure convictions. All our expert staff fully comply with the law and any regulatory requirements. 

"We are not aware of any formal investigation into our colleagues. 

"As increasingly so-called "Legal Loopholes" have been shown to be non-existent, attacks on the judicial processes have been more common, with cameras being obstructed and road safety partnership staff being harassed.

"Fatalities on the road have in fact increased. Road Safety Support is more determined than ever to ensure that all road users get justice and that where a prosecution is necessary, it is robust and legally sound.” 


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