Police officer convicted of speeding


A police officer has been convicted of speeding after failing to convince a court that a speed camera had incorrectly calculated his speed.

Ipswich Magistrates’ Court heard on June 16, 2021 that an Audi car driven by British Transport Police officer, Darren Jenkins, was detected by a police mobile camera at 80mph on the A14 in Suffolk last October.

PC Jenkins admitted to being the driver of the vehicle, but denied exceeding the 70mph speed limit which applied to the road.

He claimed that the mobile speed camera, which had been rigorously tested for use on the UK’s roads by the Home Office, had malfunctioned when recording his speed.

PC Jenkins, of Ipswich, Suffolk, told the court that the camera’s laser beam had reflected from roadside traffic cones and that the speed reading actually came from an adjacent vehicle.

As members of Road Safety Support, Suffolk Constabulary sought the help of speed enforcement specialist, Steve Langdon, who is an accredited expert witness in Home Office Type Approved speed enforcement technology.

Appearing in court yesterday, Steve gave evidence explaining the workings of the speed camera and countering the claims made by PC Jenkins. 

As part of his evidence, Steve had carried out a secondary speed calculation, using the lines on the road surface. These were set at nine-metre intervals and it took 2.26 seconds for the vehicle to travel this distance, making a speed of 80.17mph.

In response, PC Jenkins claimed that Steve Langdon had made a mistake as he had also carried out a calculation, claiming that he had only been travelling at 74mph. 

But Steve pointed out the mistake PC Jenkins had made in his own calculations, and this was accepted by the court.

Emma Brown, the mobile speed camera operator, who had been previously trained in the operation of speed enforcement technology by Road Safety Support, also gave evidence.

She was subsequently described by the magistrates as an experienced operator who gave clear and credible evidence.

Convicting PC Jenkins of speeding, they noted he had agreed to travelling at 74mph. He was ordered to pay costs of £930, a victim surcharge of £34 and fined £276. Three penalty points were placed on his driving licence. 

The court heard he already have three points on his licence and had previously attended a speed awareness course.


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