Man prosecuted for blocking police
speed camera van with mobility scooter


A man has been prosecuted for blocking a mobile speed camera with his mobility scooter to prevent speed enforcement on a road in South Yorkshire.

Jack Cureton, 63, of Athersley North, Barnsley, obstructed the enforcement van on the A61 Wakefield Road last December, by parking his mobility scooter behind the vehicle and shouting obscenities at the Policing Support Officer inside.

Mr Cureton continued to stand behind the vehicle blocking the speed enforcement camera’s view, while intimidating the camera operator.

He refused all attempts to be interviewed and he was found guilty at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday November 9.

He was ordered to pay £400 in fines and costs, plus a £25 victim surcharge, and was handed a 12-month conditional discharge.

Scott Dernie, South Yorkshire Police’s Head of Safety Cameras & Ticket Processing, said: “Our staff do not deserve to be intimidated and threatened while carrying out their duties.

“We are pleased with this court result, and hope it will show all members of the public that such behaviour towards or staff will not be tolerated.”


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