Driver who caused death of Olympic
cyclist's mother jailed for 30 weeks


Road Safety Support carried out 100 hours of forensic video analysis in the case of a man who was jailed yesterday for 30 weeks for causing the death of Carol Boardman, the mother of Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, by careless driving.

Liam Rosney, 33, from Flintshire, pleaded guilty as his trial was due to start at Mold Crown Court on December 17, 2018. He had been charged with the more serious offence of causing death by dangerous driving but accepted guilt to the alternative charge.

Carol Boardman, who was 75 at the time of the collision that caused her death, suffered multiple injuries when she was run over by Mr Rosney’s Mitsubishi pickup truck after falling from her bike on a mini-roundabout in Connah’s Quay, north Wales, on July 16, 2016.

Evidence had been secured that Mr Rosney had been engaged in telephone calls just before the collision and may have been distracted by that.

Accident investigators at North Wales Police requested the assistance of Road Safety Support to examine video recordings from a security camera and a CCTV system close to the scene.

Both video records were not showing the correct time of day and were not showing the same time. North Wales Police asked if it was possible that the two video recordings could be synchronised to a common time scale and be adjusted to the correct time of day.

They also asked if the images of both vehicles could be converted to a plan view and plotted on a map of the area, with the relative motion and positions animated to show how the two vehicles had come together.

Steve Callaghan, Technical Support Manager at Road Safety Support, made a detailed examination of the video images from a security camera mounted on the wall of a house some 120 metres from the incident.

This was used to establish the speed of Mrs Boardman’s bicycle and Mr Rosney’s pickup truck. A CCTV situated near to the mini-roundabout showed images of Mr Rosney’s pickup truck in a way that allowed the speed of that vehicle to be calculated.

The two video recordings were synchronised to a common timeline by observing when a number of vehicles could be seen arriving at the same location in the scene in both recordings.

After approximately 100 hours of detailed forensic examination and validation the plan of the incident was submitted in evidence as an animated PowerPoint file.

This evidence supplemented the detailed evidence from North Wales Accident Investigators.

At Mold Crown Court yesterday (January 31, 2019), Mr Rosney was sentenced to 30 weeks in prison and was disqualified from driving for more than 18 months.

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