Driver swapped £100 speeding fine
for £30,000 bill


A driver who spent £30,000 on challenging a speeding conviction after he was clocked at 36mph in a 30mph zone has lost his appeal.

Richard Keedwell could have simply paid a £100 fine after his car was caught by a fixed Gatso speed camera on New Road, Worcester in November 2016.

But instead the 71-year-old retired engineer denied the offence and opted to have the case heard at court. He claimed that the camera had malfunctioned and had recorded an incorrect speed.

Steve Langdon, Road Safety Support’s Legal Manager, produced an expert report and appeared as an expert witness in the case.

Mr Langdon’s evidence clearly showed that the Home Office Type Approved device had been operating correctly and had calculated the speed accurately.

Mr Keedwell, of Yate, Gloucestershire, was found guilty of speeding at his trial at Kidderminster Magistrates’ Court in September 2018, fined £105 and ordered to pay £5000 prosecution costs.

He appealed the conviction and after numerous adjournments the case was finally heard over three days at Worcester Crown Court on August 27-29, 2019.

The Judge dismissed the appeal and Mr Keedwell was ordered to pay additional costs of £1744.

Mr Keedwell told the media this week that his failed three-year battle to fight the speeding conviction had cost him 'the best part of £30,000' of his sons' inheritance money on legal proceedings.’

This included around £21,000 on barristers' fees, £7,000 on court costs and additional travel expenses.

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