Enforcement Technology Support

Speed and red-light cameras have been used for decades across the world and have been proven to dramatically reduce deaths and injuries on the roads.

In his 2010 report for the RAC Foundation, ‘The Effectiveness of Speed Cameras – A Review of Evidence,’ Prof Richard Allsop concluded that the decommissioning of speed cameras across Great Britain could result in 800 extra people being killed or seriously injured on the roads each year.

Our enforcement technology specialists are among the most skilled and experienced in the world.

Road Safety Support members can benefit from:

  • Advice on the capabilities of the road traffic enforcement technology available – Including average speed cameras, spot speed cameras, red-light and bus lane cameras, as well as hand-held lasers and radars
  • Expert examination of evidence from enforcement technology for use as evidence in court
  • Liaison with equipment manufacturers on your behalf on technical matters
  • Access to professional road traffic enforcement technology qualifications

For more information about our road traffic enforcement technology support or to become a member of Road Safety Support please complete our contact form