Police road danger campaign
sweeps across Europe


With around 70 people dying every day on Europe’s roads, a major policing campaign has kicked off this week across the continent.

ROADPOL Safety Days, the flagship annual campaign from ROADPOL, the European Roads Policing Network, is taking place between September 16 and 22.

With double Formula 1 world champion, Mika Häkkinen as its ambassador, the campaign aims to raise awareness of risks faced on the roads, promotes safe behaviour and encourages all road users to respect traffic laws.

The initiative also promote ROADPOL's values of road traffic enforcement and cross-border police collaboration as key approaches to enhancing road safety in Europe.

Last year 16 European countries recorded zero traffic fatalities on the main action day of the campaign. The total number of people killed on the roads that day was 34 - the lowest level in years.

The mission of the campaign is to reduce the number of road fatalities in Europe which is now an average of 70 people per day with an objective to reduce this number to ZERO for at least one single day.

ROADPOL Safety Days include numerous road traffic enforcement activities across Europe, as well as direct police engagement with the public.


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